Why On This Night?
Two Decades of Passover
An exhibition of photographs and photo-collages
by Marilyn Stern

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A personal documentation of Passover, as celebrated for over two decades by one Jewish American family: my own.

More than any other holiday, Passover transmits our history and purpose from generation to generation. In my family, it was also the occasion that healed our own personal diasporara, bringing us all together again each Spring. Our observance of Passover was kept alive through the loving perseverance of my father's sister, the family matriarch, Estelle Lasser (d.2008 R.I.P.). This project is as much a tribute to her as to the joys of Passover.

A travelling exhibition and catalogue are being planned. Some venues have been arranged. More venues are being sought, as well as a sponsor and funding.

All referals, offers, inquiries and suggestions are welcome. Or to get on email list for future updates, contact Marilyn: mstern@sternphoto.com

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